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Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1928 and was raised in a coal-mining town in Philadelphia. Andy always had a problem with grammar school. He was not a social child and preferred to keep to himself. Andy started to distance himself from boys and became closer to girls and his newfound talent of drawing. Andy soon got the reputation as a "mamas boy."� If he was not with his girlfriends or sketching in his notebook, he was out with his mother helping her pick out hats and skirts. From early on in Andy's life he had been a sickly child.

Andy attended Scheley High School. His art talent at school was amazing. He wasn't even in the art club because his talent was so superior. After high school, Andy was accepted into Carnegie Institute of Technology. Andy had a great struggle with all of his courses, but thought and expression was his worst.

Andy was a man of few words, and he also had poor grammar. At the time Andy was attending school, there was an economic depression, and the war was ending. Because of the war veterans were returning and jobs were scarce, Carnegie Tech was forced to drop Andy to make more room. Because Andy showed such passion in his work his teachers fought to have him attend summer school and go for re-admissions the following year.

At the time of Andy's graduation he was skeptical about leaving his mother. He was debating on whether to pursue his talent or become a schoolteacher and live with his mother. Fortunate for us he became am artist and created some of the world's most interesting paintings. A good friend of Andy's, Philip Pearlstine, convinced Andy to move to Manhattan with him. He ended up living there for...