Animal Dreams Codi and her struggles

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Does Death Result in Good?

In Kingsolver's Animal Dreams, Codi's life is filled with the loss of family members, which includes the death of her mother, baby, and father, but the death of her sister, Hallie, ironically brings Doc Homer and Codi closer than ever. Though this relationship cannot last because of the deteriorating condition of Doc Homer, Codi finds happiness by marrying Loyd. From very early in her childhood when she lost her mother to her adulthood where she loses her father, Codi has always been missing a close relationship. Though she is very close with her sister Hallie, Hallie ends up going to war. Doc Homer tries to communicate with Codi but the distance, both geographical and emotional between them does not let this occur. These distant relationships she has with her family have huge impacts on Codi and how she perceives the surroundings. She starts getting close with her father but since he gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's he does not remember her very well.

This is one of the limited times that she gets to talk openly with her father, but unfortunately, he is unable to. The only person that can give her that comfort of a close relationship now is Loyd.

All the deaths in the Homero family initially have a negative impact on Codi, whether the impact is direct or indirect, but as the years go on all the deaths lead her to her to her home in Grace. The death of Codi's mother has an impact on her indirectly in many ways. Though she is very young when she dies, Codi never gets to know her mother and her family roots. Doc Homer many times sees Alice in Codi's face, especially when Codi is in her pregnancy: "The deepened pigmentation under her eyes...