Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Animal Farm by: George Orwell

George Orwell's book, Animal Farm, is a satire. It is a story of the transformation of Manor Farm into Animal Farm, back into Manor Farm. The animals of the farm aim to create a democratic society based on the creed that All Animals Are Created Equal. They overthrow the owner of the farm, Mr. Jones, and begin to create their ideal animal run society. They rename the farm Animal Farm and vow to never act like humans, since humans are their enemy. Animal Farm is a happy place for the animals. They finally are in control of themselves, even if it means working harder to keep the farm running.

Then Napoleon the pig then takes over and becomes the dictator of Animal Farm, slowly turning it into a totalitarian society. He changes the creed to All Animals Are Created Equal, But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others. Instead of every animal contributing to the well being of the farm, the "lesser" animals do all the work, leaving the pigs to live in luxury. Any objections are quieted by Napoleon, who says that the pigs are doing all of the thinking, which is far more strenuous than physical labor, so the other animals should not complain. Eventually, he turns to violence, and kills all those whom he believes are a threat to his monstrous regime.

He starts associating with humans to make business deals, and advance the farm. As he starts interacting more and more with the humans, he starts to act more like them. He changes the name of Animal Farm back to Manor Farm, which he believes is its proper, original name.

The conditions for the other animals grow worse over time. One day they grow suspicious of Napoleon's human interactions and...