Animals for biomedical research

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ENG 101 Ethical Argument, Essay #2

Assignment Sheet

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Worth 100 points

Assignment: an ethical argument on an approved topic. This essay will be based on your thinking; no research is required. The paper must be word processed, double spaced, 500-1000 words, with some work done in class. Use the 6-paragraph essay structure (PA 599). See the Formatting Essay Guidelines sheet for specifics on formatting.


The essay:

___ this assignment sheet is on top

___ introductory, background, ethical analysis, evidence, refutation, and conclusion paragraphs

___ formal sentence outline (I, A, 1, 2, B, 1, 2, II, A, etc.) (pp. 22-24 ​BH)

___ thesis statement clearly states what the topic is and your main point (1e)

___ a topic sentence begins each body paragraph that clearly supports the thesis statement (3a)

___ supporting details (FEE) in each body paragraph support the topic sentence

___ transitional expressions are used between idea shifts in paragraphs (p.

81 BH)

___ concluding paragraph sums up main ideas or makes an observation

Pick one of the following approved topics to write on:

1. Should animals be used for biomedical research?

2. Do the benefits of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") of natural gas deposits outweigh the dangers?

3. Should assisted suicide be legalized?

4. Are tougher laws needed to combat distracted driving (texting)?

5. Should the government cut the Internet connections of people who practice illegal file-sharing?

6. Should fantasy sports leagues pay royalties to professional leagues and players?

7. Do the potential benefits of national identification cards outweigh the potential risks?

8. Should Americans pursue adoptions from countries with known adoption regulation abuses?

9. Should junk food be taxed to discourage consumption?

10. Should women be allowed in combat arms careers in the military?

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