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Threw out history there have been animal lovers, who would do almost anything to show his or her affection for the animal he or she cares for. In ancient Egypt people treated cats and dogs as if they were gods. They would build sculpture and huge statues to idolize and worship them. Now, in modern time, we can see some people have a similar action toward there pets. Some of these people who love their pets are willing to give these animals almost anything, no mater what it cost them.

It has been argued that while people are starving in some regions of the world, people are buying expensive gifts to there pets. This argument assumes that pets shouldn't have any type of luxury. However, for some of these pets there is a special bond between them and their owners. They love their pet as if it was one of their own children.

For many elderly people the love they receive from these animals it is the only thing that keeps from wanting be alive and enjoying life. These lonely people have no family or no one to take care of them. Some of these elderly people have family just don't give them any interest as they would get from an animal, so it is not hard to realize why these people go out of there way to get the best for their pets.

Another argument against people who are disposed to buy lavish gifts for their pets is that these animals don't know the difference in value from expensive toys and accessories. This is certainly true. Unlike humans animals don't appreciate the cost of valuable things. However, we humans do! The reason why people get these toys and things for their pets is because it makes them feel good. Some people love to see their dogs in all kinds of outfits. While others get the best toys for their cats and birds. For these people there pets are sacred to them, so when they buy something for their pet, it's because it makes them feel good.

In conclusion, their will always be people who will always buy luxurious things for their pets. It makes these animal lovers feel good to give something in return. It's like giving something to a loved one. For some of these pet owners it is the only love and friendliness they receive. Who could blame them for wanting to give something in return to the animal they love?