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Anne Frank We all have our traits, but maybe we don't think about them so much. However, for the family hiding in the "Secret Annex" they had to make the best out of everything and the way they had to live for years brought out the inner traits of everyone, be them bad or good. Anne was definitely the most animated member of the hiders and it was very easy to see when she was happy, excited, sad, or hyper. I definitely think that a lot of us can relate to Anne and some of her traits. She's the kind of person that wears her emotions on her shoulder and isn't afraid to speak her mind, which can be good and bad. Lets look further into the "inner" Anne Frank and find out which kind of person she truly is.

From the beginning of the story you can already what kind of traits she has- she is definitely a hyper 13 year old girl with nothing to hold back.

Its her birthday and she's letting her emotions run wild. "I woke up at six o'clock and no wonder; it was my birthday (Page 1). Anne Frank ecstatic that it is her birthday no doubt about it, I mean we are all crazy on our birthdays. But there is proof all throughout the story that she is hyper even in times of despair " Mrs. Van Daan sets a fine example"¦ a bad one!" (Page 94). The annex is getting more worried as the story moves along but Anne Frank always finds it somewhere in her heart to make fun for herself and cause mischievous problems with peter and everyone else (I know I can relate). "What a silly ass I am! I have forgotten to tell you the history of me and all my boy friends" (Page 133). She even "pokes" fun of herself sometimes and is definitely acting like an average 14-year-old girl by this time in the story.

Anne was definitely shown as hyper and easily excited but she is obvious a multi dimensional character and in many parts of her diary she writes about being sad, depressed, and how she longs to be outside again with all her friends. Anne writes, " I often lose my cue and cannot swallow the rage at some injustice" (Page 84). She is clearly angry and sad about what the Nazi's are doing all around her and she has no control over. I definitely think that if I was living in an attic with strangers and barely enough food for all of them I would definitely get depressed and maybe even go a little insane. I think Anne kept her cool pretty well for all the terror that was happening around her. "I'm beginning to talk to myself more then talk to the others at mealtime" (page102). I think that Anne has very little people to relate to, and to me that's very sad because it is slowly wasting her away. "I'm simply a young girl desperately in need of some rollicking fun" (Page 124).

Anne has many sides to her and she has shown them all throughout her diary. I have only listed a few here and if I were to list all of them I would have a 10 page report. She is for sure a survivor and a multi-facetted kind of girl. I think that if I could go back to her time I would definitely be one of Anne's friends because after writing this paper I realize that she is like me in so many ways. I feel that she didn't deserve what she got because she was such an optimist and could've been a real achiever.