Annabelle, short story

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One hour to go, one hour until Annabelle's point of infallibility. The most monumental decision of her life, would she go through with it or would the titanic pressure and binding nerves get the better of her?

The wait was unbearable; one hour seemed to stretch on for a thousand years, her mind chewing up her thoughts like a dog to a bone. As she was jolted back into reality the fear hit her vigorously. She shook.

The time had come. Surrounded by friends and family a comforting relief found a place in her tireless body. But not for long. As she began her journey all was quite and the tension was rising unendurably throughout the party of people escorting her.

It was then that she new there was no turning back now and that courage and faith must now take its place in her mind. As she reached inside herself, it was hard to find but she discovered strength within her that she had never experienced before.

This strength gave her body a whole new will to succeed and the confidence and determination of a cheetah stalking its prey.

She possessed a glow; a radiance like no other and her new found passion to fulfil her dream touched the crowd and was returned with open arms.

Annabelle knew they would believe in her always. If today didn't go as planned her family and close friends would always be there.

The minutes ticked by and the journey finally came to its end. As she stepped outside the air was brisk but the sun shone down on her with its candescent smile. She took a deep breath and smiled in return and whilst she was staring into the open sky she spoke to God in a way she had never...