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Anton Chekov Anton was a Russian playwright born in Taganrog, Russia in 1860. He wrote fiction plays. As well as that, he was a Dramatist, short story writer, novelist, and editor of a literary section of Russakayamyst. He also worked as a physician in his lifetime. He won many awards, and wrote several pieces of work.

A day in 1860 in Taganrog Russia Pavel Chekov and his wife,Yevgeniya, were blessed with their third child Anton. They all ready had two older sons, Alexander and Nicolai. They were to have three more children after Anton. During his growing life, Anton grew up in a seaport, Toganrog. Anton was the son of a grocer, Pavel. Pavel was a religious zealot who terrorized Anton and his older brothers. The terrorization of his father influenced much of his work in the future. His mother on the other hand was a great storyteller, and that is where is said to be where he got his great talents for story writing.

He was also the grandson of a serf. His grandfather bought the family freedom before the emancipation.

At the tender age of 8, Anton was sent to a local grammar school where he was said to be an average student. He was reserved and undemonstrative. He was known for pranks, and humorous nicknames for the teachers. During this period of his life he played in amateur theatricals, and attended performances.

During 1875, Pavel's business failed. This caused Pavel to move to Moscow to find work. Also, in Moscow was where his two eldest sons were attending the university. In July 1876, his mother and the two young children moved to Moscow as well, leaving Anton alone to finish school. As he was alone, he had many times to think. He thought of many ideas that...