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HISPANIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants 2001 Application Form EXACT PHOTOCOPIES OF THIS APPLICATION ARE ACCEPTABLE The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) was founded in 1975 to help Hispanic-American college students complete their education. The American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants (AAHCPA) was the first national Hispanic professional association in the United States. HSF in conjunction with the AAHCPA, is providing scholarships for undergraduate and graduate college students pursuing degrees in accounting or finance related fields. Scholarship awards will range from $1,000 to $5,000.

ELIGIBILITY ß Be of Hispanic background (one parent must be fully Hispanic or both parents must be half Hispanic) ß Be a U.S. Citizen or a Permanent Resident (with permanent resident card) ß Must have completed at least 12 undergraduate college credits in the U.S. or Puerto Rico ß Have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0

scale (4.0 on a 5.0 scale) ß Be attending a U.S. accredited community college or university full-time during the 2001/2002 academic year (undergraduates must carry at least 12 credits each term, graduate students must carry at least 6 credits each term) SELECTION - Applications are evaluated on the following criteria: ß Academic Achievement (including GPA and past academic performance) ß Letter of Recommendation (from professor/advisor on official school letterhead) ß Personal Statement (writing/language skills, personal & professional qualities, community involvement, etc.) ß Financial Need (for educational purposes) APPLICATION DEADLINE: JULY 2, 2001 It is the student's responsibility to submit a complete application and all supporting documents in one package, U.S. Postmarked by the deadline, extensions are not possible. Applicants may receive only one scholarship per year.

Applications sent by FAX or Email cannot be accepted.

COMPLETE APPLICATION PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1) Completed and Signed Application "“ Unsigned applications are ineligible.

2) Current College/University Transcript "“ Have your school counselor/official confirm your cumulative GPA on school letterhead if it does not appear on your transcript.

3) Letter of Recommendation "“ Please submit one current letter of recommendation, addressed to the HSF/AAHCPA Selection Committee, on school letterhead from a college official, professor, or advisor who can discuss your: Current academic status Academic and extracurricular achievements Personal qualities such as motivation, leadership, and commitment Potential for future success and contributions to your community 4) Typed Personal Statement "“ Your personal statement is one of the most important aspects of this application and it is equivalent to an interview. It should be written solely for the HSF/AAHCPA Selection Committee. Personal statements written for other admission or selection committees will not be accepted. The statement should be no more than 2 pages addressing: A brief statement of your Hispanic background, clearly showing at least half Hispanic heritage Academic plans and career goals, giving specific examples Past and current efforts, as well as future plans, towards making a difference in your community Financial support and financial need for your education, including any unusual circumstances 5) Financial Aid Information "“ Please include a complete copy of your 2001-2002 Student Aid Report (SAR) and Financial Aid Award Letter (photocopied). If you did not apply for Financial Aid, please send a copy of your (and spouse if married) 2000 Federal Income Tax Return . If under 24 years of age and single, please submit a copy of your parent(s) 2000 Federal Income Tax Return.

HSF/AAHCPA 2001 Scholarship Application Form Please type or print clearly in black ink. Please answer all questions, exactly as stated. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms, spell out all words and names. Illegible or incomplete information will disqualify your application.

1) Gender: (Please Check) Male q Female q 2) Social Security # _________ - _______ - __________ 3) Name: First ____________________________ Middle Initial _______ Last _________________________________ 4) Current (Mailing) Address: Number & Street __________________________________________ Apt. # ________ City _____________________________ Local County (necessary) _________________________ State _________ Zip ___________________ - _________________ (above address valid until what date? _______ / _____ / ______ ) 5) Phone ( _______ ) __________ - _____________ E-mail Address _______________________________________ 6) Permanent (Hometown) Address: Number & Street _____________________________________ Apt. # ________ City _____________________________ Local County (necessary) _________________________ State _________ Zip ___________________ - ________________ (It is imperative that you call HSF to update any changes!) Phone ( _______ ) __________ - _____________ 7) Date of Birth in numbers: Month only _____ Year only ______ 8) Are you a United States citizen? Yes q No q If No, do you have a Permanent Resident card? Yes q No q A copy of your Permanent Resident Card, or Passport stamped I-551 is required if you are not a U.S. citizen.

(If you are not a U.S. citizen, or Permanent Resident with documentation, stop here, you are not eligible) 9) City, State, and Country of birth __________________________________________________________________ 10) Hispanic Heritage: (If you are not at least half Hispanic, stop here, you are not eligible) q Cuban q Caribbean (Hispanic) q Central American q South American q Puerto Rican q Mexican q Spanish 11) Yes q No q Did either of your parents ever attend any college? 12) Yes q No q Have you ever transferred from a community college? 13) Your Official Class Level for Fall 2001: (check one box only) Community College: OR Four-Year College: OR Masters or Ph.D. Program: .

Freshman q Freshman q First Year q Fifth Year q Sophomore q Sophomore q Second Year q Sixth Year q Junior q Third Year q Senior q Fourth Year q 14) College you will attend in Fall 2001 (please do not use abbreviations) College ________________________________________ College Branch (Campus) _____________________ City & State _________________________________________________________________________________ If transferring in Spring of 2002: College you will attend transferring which month ________ year ________ College ________________________________________ College Branch (Campus) _____________________ City & State _________________________________________________________________________________ 15) Major (list one only, put undeclared if undecided) ______________________________________________________ 16) City of former high school ____________________________ State _________ Country ____________________ FAMILY/PERSONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT: If you have applied for financial aid, you must enclose a complete copy of your 2001-2002 Student Aid Report (SAR) and latest Financial Aid Award Letter.

17) Type of work during the 2001-2002 academic year ___________________________________________________ Number of months you expect to work _____________ Expected Gross Yearly/Annual Salary $ ________________ 18) Your Marital Status: Single-Parent q Single q Married q Separated q Divorced q Widowed q If married: Spouse's occupation: __________________________________________________________________ 19) Number of children/people you support 50% or more: __________ (please do not include a spouse or yourself) 20) The following information is necessary for every applicant: Father's full name________________________________________ Occupation _____________________________ Mother's maiden name____________________________________ Occupation _____________________________ 21) Parent's current marital status: Married q Separated q Divorced q Widowed q Single q 22) Number of children/people your parent(s) support 50% or more: (including yourself) __________ 23) Are you supported by your parent(s) 50% or more, or do you live with them? Yes q No q 24) Your current age __________ Year of birth __________ 25) INCOME AND TUITION STATEMENT: 2001-2002 Basic Tuition Cost Only: $ __________ Do not leave a line blank, put a zero < 0 > when no income was received.

2000 (Last year's) Annual Family Income: 2001-2002 Academic Year Income (estimate): Father's Gross Annual Income $ __________ Mother's Gross Annual Income $ __________ 2001-2002 Expected Student Salary $ __________ Student's Gross Annual Income $ __________ Veterans Benefits $ __________ Spouse's Gross Annual Income $ __________ JTPA or PIC Benefits $ __________ Social Security or Disability $ __________ Student Loans $ __________ AFDC or General Assistance $ __________ Assistantship/Fellowships $ __________ Child Support, Alimony $ __________ College Work Study $ __________ Other Income (specify) _______ $ __________ Scholarships $ __________ Personal Loans, Gifts, etc. $ __________ Federal Pell Grant $ __________ Savings/Investments $ __________ Other Grants $ __________ TOTAL 2000 GROSS INCOME = $ __________ TOTAL PROJECTED INCOME 2001/2= $ __________ ß Extraordinary, unforeseen, or very unusual expenses: (please specify & explain) __________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ß Has your household had a significant income change in the last year? (please explain) ____________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ß If total income is less than $6,000 per-year, please specify with amounts, the income which allows you to live day-to-day: ____________________________________________________________________________________ questions are continued on next page LEAVE BLANK - for internal HSF use only! L q M q H q Cumulative GPA = ________________ Dependent q Independent q EFC = ________________ # in Family __________ w/ Income $____________ Suggested FN Score = ________________ G & S Total___________________ 26) Total units (credits) earned to date: ______ (If not 12 or more units, do not apply, you are not eligible for an award) 27) Will you be a full-time college student during the Fall 2001 and Spring 2002 semesters? Yes _ No _ (12 units/credit hours per-semester for undergraduates and 6 units/credit hours per-semester for graduate students.) 28) Your expected date of graduation, and degree awarded: month _______ year _______ degree level __________ 29) Activities, Awards, and Honors Activity No. of Years Participated Special Awards, Honors Offices Held IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS: ß Please do not use staples in any materials you send.

ß Please mail all items in one package to ensure that your application materials are received on time.

ß Please make sure to have your full name and social security number on each document you submit.

ß Submit documents on white 8-1/2" x 11" paper (except any official transcripts and recommendations on letterhead).

ß No prior acknowledgement can be made to applicants, and all decisions/notifications are final.

ß Notification will be sent to your mailing address in the Fall 2001. Please report any address changes.

ß The number of applications received greatly exceeds the number of available scholarships.

ß Falsification of information may result in termination of any scholarship granted.

CERTIFICATION: Student must read and sign below to be eligible for consideration.

ß I certify that all the information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

ß I certify that I will be enrolled as a full-time graduate student for the 2001-2002 academic year, that I am at least half Hispanic, and that I am a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.

ß I give my college consent to release to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) and the American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants (AAHCPA) any and all information that pertains to this application package including: GPA, attendance status, financial and contact information.

ß I authorize HSF/AAHCPA to share or publish my GPA and application information, when necessary for the purpose of recruitment, public relations, or possible employment.

ß I am aware that any scholarship check I may receive from HSF/AAHCPA should be cashed or deposited within sixty days; any funds not cashed or deposited within six months will revert back to HSF/AAHCPA.

ß If selected, I will use this award toward expenses related only to my college attendance and will notify my Financial Aid Office of this award.

ß I understand that I must notify HSF/AAHCPA of any changes in my enrollment status; changes in full-time status may result in the cancellation of any award provided.

ß I hereby acknowledge that it is my responsibility to keep HSF/AAHCPA informed of any address changes.

ß I understand that application materials become the property of HSF/AAHCPA and cannot be returned.

ß I hereby certify that I have read this application and Certification and accept all conditions specified.

Student's signature _____________________________________________________________Date ______/____/_____ Thank you for applying to HSF, we wish you success! Include a self addressed, stamped envelope for verification of delivery.

Mail this application with: o1) Transcript(s) with cumulative GPA o2) Copy of Permanent Resident card (if applicable) o3) Letter of Recommendation o4) Personal Statement o5) SAR and Financial Aid Award Letter to: HSF/AAHCPA Program Hispanic Scholarship Fund One Sansome Street, Suite 1000 San Francisco, CA 94104 Telephone: 1-877-HSF-INFO (1-877-473-4636)