Applying Reasoning

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Applying Reasoning

Have I applying sound reasoning in problem solving? The answer to this would be yes, but the true question should be when don't I use sound reasoning? I use sound reasoning on a day to day basic for work. As I have stated in my BIO, I investigate. Most of our work involves gathering evidence, analyzing it and coming up with a solution to a crime or crimes or in other words problems. To due this I have to use good sound reasoning.

A good example I have in using sound reasoning when solving a problem I had at work was when I was given a name of an individual who wanted to file a complaint. We had no information on the guy besides his full name, which the secretary got. No phone number, address, driver's license record, nothing to get a hold of him.

Yes, I know, the problem could have been solved by getting his number in the first place but the secretary forgot so I was stuck with the problem.

At first I tried all the usual ways of getting the information, running his name in every data base we have and it pulled up nothing. At first I thought maybe he gave us faults information. Later I was informed he was making the complaint so why would he do that. I thought it is still possible he did but the problem of why kept coming up.

So now matter what I tried I just couldn't find any information on him. I used up all my sound reasoning on this problem until it accrued to me that there was one more thing I could do that I was told by a good friend of mine that wasn't an investigator. I ran his...