Appraisal Survey Analysis

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Appraisal Survey Analysis

Performance appraisal has been one of the most-debated management practices for several decades. It has generated a wide variety of viewpoints. There are those who see performance appraisal as making an important contribution to human resource management, in that organizations require systematic information on how well employees are performing in their jobs as a key element in ensuring that human resources are used as effectively as possible. Employees at all levels experience a need to know clearly what they should be doing and what is expected of them in terms of quantity and quality of output. In addition most people want to be in a position where they can perform better next time around. This paper will detail some of the common problems identified by the Fox employees that participated in the survey and recommendations to improve the existing performance appraisal.

At Fox Sports performance appraisal are the annual assessment of an employee's contributions over the past performance year.

The review allows for an evaluation of progress or level of successful completion against the pre-defined expectations set in the performance goals as well as the level of conduct shown through the performance Competencies. The Performance Review documentation and discussion should be more than a simple rating of achievement.

The results of the survey states it is a problem receiving the appraisal in a timely matter. Our department was consolidated with the existing Traffic department. So that makes majority of our review dates the same July that cause a problem for our Director to review all twenty five of us within the same month. Clearly he can find effective ways to manage his time and perform the appraisals on time, but he fails every year. It is effects moral because our job very deadline meeting orientated, but our...