UOP HR/431 Performance Appraisal Survey

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Performance Appraisal Survey Analysis

In order for an organization to be successful, the organization through management must motivate employees to excel in his or her job, but managers must also focus his or her efforts on the right targets. By providing feedback on progress toward those targets can be a powerful motivating force within a company. The performance appraisal can and should be used as double-sided tool for both the employer and employee

Employee Performance and Development Process

At Northrop Grumman, the type of performance appraisal that is used is Employee Performance and Development Process, also known as EP&DP. The EP&DP is an online tool that is used by both the manager and the employee. The EP&DP was designed as one common system to be used company wide. The EP&DP will enable information to be collected, reviewed, and exchanged electronically. In addition, to providing standardization across divisions, and establish a common approach for evaluation performance and develop a shared mindset about what is important to the corporation as a whole.

This is how the online system works.

Step One: Manager receives an email invitation and accesses system to add employees to his or her hierarchy.

Step Two: Employee receives an invitation via email. Upon accessing the system, the employee is required to confirm that the manager noted is correct.

Step Three: The employee confirmation unlocks the system so that both the manager and the employee can complete the process

Step Four: The employee completes his or her EP&DP form. The employee is asked to check and confirm the information that he or she inputted into the system. Upon confirmation, the EP&DP form is then set electronically to the manager.

Step Five: The manager reviews the EP&DP and inputs comments and ratings. The manager is then to meet with the employee...