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Greetings Fellow Stakeholders,As you know our sales figures have been on a steady decrease over the past few months. Mr. Gray has hired Kim's Premium Research Team to conduct a study and decide on a conclusion as to why our sales have been dropping and what can be done to increase them.

There were some great suggestions about why the sales have hit a five percent low at Aquine. We had suggestions to look at the Swiss watches and compare the quality of ours to theirs. There were also suggestions that our advertising was not doing a good job of reaching all customers and if they are, are they being received well. Mr. Gray also suggested looking at pricing versus the market. Perhaps our customers are no longer willing to pay a premium for certified watches.

We collected data from several different sources including: responses to advertising of consumers, consumer profiles, the mechanical watch industry, and the SOCC test details, and certification data.

As we began researching our data, we noticed that advertising was not an issue. Customers and sellers had seen the adds and responded well to them. We took a different route and tested data gathered from the mechanical watch industry and the quartz watch industry. The data showed that our prices were average with our competitors as were our sales. The certification data was the last set of data we decided to test. The data showed that Aquine had the highest percentage of rejected certifications of any of our competitors in the United States. The high percentage of rejects forced us to look further into our certification process.

Our high failure rate from the SOCC proved to be the main cause of our low sales. Using the numbers found in the certification data, we concluded the...