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The story 'Araby' by James Joyce tells about a young boy who is in love with his friend's older sister. The boy lives with his aunt and uncle in a house that was once owned by a priest. The boy and his family live on a street that is very quiet except when the boy's school, the Christian Brothers, is over. At that time the boy and his friends play behind houses, in gardens and in horse stables. The boy adores his friend sister. He does not have the courage to talk to Mangan's (his friend) sister, so he admires her from afar. He watches for her daily and thinks somewhat romantic thoughts about her. One evening when she finally talks to him, the boy is so nervous he does not remember what he says to Mangan's sister. She asks if he is going to the bazaar, the Araby and he is unsure of his response.

She tells him that she cannot go because her convent has a retreat that week. He promises that if he goes, he will buy her a present. The boy is anticipating the bazaar. He is unable to concentrate at school and is preoccupied with the Araby and thoughts about what he'll buy his love. The day of the bazaar, his uncle forgets about the boy's outing and comes home late. The boy uncle apologizes for coming home late and tells him that everyone must be asleep. The boy ignores his uncle and hurries to get to the bazaar. When he get to the bazaar, he realizes that his uncle is correct, everyone is going home and the bazaar is closing. The boy becomes very angry and is upset with himself.