Argentina - Mining

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1.0Introduction 2

2.0Executive Summary 3

3.0Argentina: A country Profile 4

3.1 General Information about Argentina 4

3.2 Political overview 4-5

3.3 Economic overview 5-7

3.4 Foreign investment and Government policy 7

3.5 Social issues 7-8

3.6 Legal and Environment issues 8

3.7 Technology 9

3.8 Trade with Australia 9

3.9 Regional trade groupings 9

4.0 Joint venture evaluation 10

5.0 Conclusion and Recommendation 11

6.0 Cash flow forecast 12

7.0 Reference list/ Bibliography 13

8.0 Appendix 14-16


Mount Isa Mines ( MIM ) Holdings Limited is an Australian-based international mining and mineral processing company whose core products are copper, gold, zinc-lead-silver and coal. The company was built on the Mount Isa mining complex where it produces copper that is refined at MIM' s copper refinery in Townsville, lead and silver that it refines in the United Kingdom, and zinc sold as concentrate. MIM aims to create shareholder value as an efficient, competitive and highly focussed mining company.

This company has been successfully operating in Australian market and planning to other international market. An Argentina business has made a proposal to set up a joint venture with the company. As the company' s chief executive, my task is to conduct a research on the Argentina market, conduct an environmental analysis of Argentina and the country' s involvement in regional trade groupings, trading relationships with Australia, opportunities for trade and business prospects for mining product. My task is also to make a decision whether to expand.

2.0Executive summary

At the beginning of the 20th century, Argentina was a liberal democracy with the tenth largest economy and the sixth highest per capita income in the world. With the population of approximately 36.5 million living in 2.8 million square km areas. Based on area, continental Argentina is the eight largest...