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Do we have the right to die when we determine it by our own unique circumstances? The term "right to die" refers to various sophisticated issues related to the decision of whether an individual who could continue to live with the aid of life support, or in a diminished or enfeebled capacity, should be allowed assisted suicide before the illness deteriorated(Wikipedia contributors,2009,1st paragraph). The concept is often referred to as dying with dignity. I respect the people who are against physician assisted suicide due to their religion and culture. It becomes more complicated with people who are not capable of committing suicide but their mind works well enough to make such a decision. It is often overlooked that patients have the common law right to refuse any medical treatment. A doctor who treats a patient against his or her express wishes can be charged with assault. Therefore, I believe that euthanasia or PAS should be legal right for every human being just like dying with dignity is and it can also alleviate financial hardships for the patients and their families.

Assisted suicide is not a new concept; in the form of euthanasia it is as old as the Hippocratic Oath. The controversy surrounding euthanasia and the arguments supporting or protesting the practice have raised serious concerns and problems in the medical field for years, as well as society and the world as a whole(Horgan John, 1996,May,"Right to die"). Assisted suicide and euthanasia are most often referred to in the context of people who have been grievously maimed or injured, or those who are suffering from a terrible debilitating or incurable disease. Obviously, every effort should be made to ease the suffering and continue the lives to all of the human being, not just for their own sake, but...