Argumentative Essay

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Mohammed Bennani 12-30-12

English Period 2

Argumentative Essay

Have you ever wondered if poor people can become successful? Well if you are I have the perfect answer. Successful doesn't mean having an excessive amount of gold and wealth but the answer comes from having have the determination & discipline . I believe that all people, it doesn't matter what social class you are, you can make it here in America if you're willing to try. I'm going to prove my answer using the book "The Outsiders" .

For instance, Ponyboy Curtis actually represents all of the successful habits that poor people can have. Ponyboy grew up poor throughout the generations of his family. He's not going to be like Dallas, taking excessive risks and getting caught in bullets in front of his friends. He tries hard in school after all these troubles that come across his way. Ponyboy understands the way of life and is able to solve situations in a good manner.

Since the book doesn't end showing the future of Ponyboy I would say that if he continues in his good habits and ways success will be coming in his way.

Secondly, I would like to say that also your social class doesn't mean anything because it's all about your desire. For you to achieve your goals or what you want in life you have to try to do it and succeeded. Characters like Dallas never could make it in life because he didn't have goals and never tried to actually become something. Even if he was a Soc and was rich, his end will still be the same.

I can also see what the opposing side would say. The socs are rich and have an easy life with everything. If you say that social class does matter...