The Art of Body Piercing

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There are multiple body art forms in the world today. The art of body piercing has "a colorful history that spans many centuries." (History) As a relatively new trend all over the world it represents a new area of interest. Though body piercing is controversial these days, the opinions are divided. The opposition states that rebellion insights body piercing while the practicians say that it brings personal fulfilment. Supporters sustain that body piercing should be viewed as an art not as body mutilation.

The majority of the opponents rest in the middle-aged population. These people claim that piercings spread diseases and infections. Researches show that "The most dangerous of all piercings are the targus, which sticks out from the middle of the ear. If not carefully pierced, the body will go through shock which it cannot handle and result in paralyzation." (Prieto) Genitalia piercing are the most likely to get infected since it is one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

The truth is that the healing depends on the way one takes care of the pierced place. Healing can take from one month to two years. The next argument brought by the opponents is that body piercing is only the bad influence of fashion. It is shown that " for beauty, the Fulani women of Mali wear giant, hand wrought gold earrings suspended from ear lobe piercing."(Wilkinson) In the name of fashion "women who live in the region of Sahel in Northern Africa pierce their ears with thin, sharp thorns and wear silver or brass loop earrings ." (Wilkinson) The reality is that beauty and fashion are major parts of our lives, and appearances will always influence peoples opinions. Rebellion is another fact brought by the opposition. Often children pierce obvious...