Art Criticism

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Art is a time honoured form of expression. From drawings on cave walls to well publicized exhibits in museums, art has become very much a part of our culture. Along with humans, it has evolved over the ages. With the evolution of the art world, it gave birth to a new breed of critics. This has been a very controversial topic for artists around the world. Generally, when a new artist tries to enter the mainstream art world, the common genre that they face is that of harsh criticism.

The art world is torn between those who believe that criticism is essential for the growth of the art world and the individual artists, while others believe in the right fur freedom of expression without persecution. This brings up the question of should art criticism be allowed, and if so, how far should critics be able to take it.

There are both advantages and disadvantages for art criticism. The disadvantages range from trading on the freedom of expression to stopping artist growth. The advantages of the criticism are that it can help bring out a new side in an artist, or even help to improve a skill.

The definition of art is ¡°the creation or expression of what is beautiful, and great skill or ability in which imagination and personality.¡± # There can be no wrong way to go about expressing one¡¯s self. It is the way the artist feels and the way they want to express themselves. If this is the case, then how can someone pass judgement onto another person¡¯s work? To do that would be to pass judgement onto that artist¡¯s personality.

During life, people experience and feel different things. This is what makes people into individuals. If an artist was forced to paint only what they...