Art of Listening

Essay by atheanA-, March 2004

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True listening is not something that we have been taught growing up in our families, amongst our friends or in school. True listening requires being in the moment. It also requires the letting go of your point of view, your thoughts and your agendas. True listening is an art.

Have you ever examined whether or not you are truely listening? Have you identified what inhibits your ability to actually hear what another is saying with the intention of seeing what they mean from their point of view. What we are talking about here is a self-education program. First you must have the desire to discover how it is that you listen. If you are not interested, read no further. But if you are, this is an opportunity for you to apply the technology of Instantaneous Transformation?to your life. The technology of Instantaneous Transformation?is anthropological in nature. It is about noticing how it is that you interact with your life from a non-judgmental point of view.

It is not about trying to change or fix what you notice in this self examination of your own behavior patterns. We have discovered that if you just notice how you are relating to your life, that in itself is enough to complete previously disturbing patterns of behavior. The mere identification and recognition of the existence of the behavior pattern completes it in the moment of its being noticed. Frequently there are no other actions needed. This applies to the way in which you listen or don listen or distract yourself from listening.

Pre-Occupation with a "Problem" If you are pre-occupied with a thought or something you consider problematic, then you can't listen because your mind can only hold one thing at a time and if you are worrying about something, then you don't...