Atlantis - Myth or Fact

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When people think of myths, the images, concepts, and beliefs that emerge are usually that of old wives tales, mystical stories of gods and heroes, fables, fairy tales, and superstitions. We normally see them as colorful works of literature by people with vivid imaginations. However, to get answers to our questions like; are these myths just stories or are they based on facts? Is there any truth in them? We must look deeper into who, what, and why these myths were created. Recently myths have taken on a new light, we are beginning to recognize them as important lessons with a more stable and factual meaning. Each myth contains crucial messages for society; these myths affect how we think and how we act. There are reasons why myths have survived the passing of time. Over the decades, more instances and occurrences provide us with an indication that there is something behind myths, and that they influence us.

Myths, no matter how extreme they seem, should be taken with some seriousness. In this paper, the team will examine the myth of Atlantis, discuss who and why it was created, identify why it still exists, and why it is still important in today's society.

The Myth of Atlantis

At the beginning of time, when the immortal gods divided the world among themselves to rule, Poseidon (the Greek God of the Sea) received the continent of Atlantis. It was here that he chose his mortal wife Cleito and raised his sons as the 10 kings of Atlantis with Atlas (the oldest son) as first king. To protect his family, Poseidon surrounded their home with five concentric rings of water and land. For generations, Atlantis being favored by the gods remained peaceful and prosperous. This era of prosperity and peace lasted as long as...