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Jamey Wildman

MGTC 309 Managerial Communications

Week 2 - Assignment 2.1

Business Etiquette

When examining the meaning of "business etiquette" it is important to define the word etiquette. Etiquette as defined by WordNet Dictionary states "rules governing socially acceptable behavior". When these two words are combined it then lends to term that business etiquette is how we present ourselves in our day to day business activities that makes our behavior socially acceptable to our piers.

It is important to note this begins before we even leave the house in the morning by just making the right decision as to what it is a person is going to wear to work. It is important to know that here in the United States it is important to dress conservatively and more formal while conducting business (Chaney, 2007). Business etiquette does not stop with just how we dress. It entails many other aspects of our daily lives such as how we behave at a job interview, how we communicate which includes not just verbally but electronically and even in how we write.

During business dinners it is important to pay attention to cultural issues which could be offensive to the party we are attempting to communicate with. A good example of this is while I was stationed in Japan one of the first things we were taught was to never leave our chop sticks standing upright in a bowl of rice as this meant death to the person that served it to you. So it is important to research the area in which you might be traveling to help influence your behaviors while you are there.

How a person presents themselves during a business meeting and while giving presentations is important as well. A good point to remember about meeting etiquette is that...