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I have been told, "since the very first day I held you in my arms, I vowed to keep you from harm," which my mom has been doing from February 4, 1987 till today. I was born in Peshawar, Pakistan. I started showing my astuteness at a very young age. I began preschool at the age of three. For ten years I was one of the top three kids in school. At the age of ten, I had read the whole Qur'an (holy book in Arabic for Muslims) by myself. I taught Qur'an and Urdu (major language spoken in Pakistan) to the kids who couldn't afford to go to school. We had two maids to whom I also taught two hours everyday.

I came to the United States in the year, 2000 with my mom, three brothers and one sister. Coming to the United States was a very hard experience for me because I had to leave all my relatives but one thing I was looking forward was to be with my dad.

My dad had come to the United States two years before we did. In the beginning it was a little intricate but it took time to get use to. One of the major reason we came to the United States was to obtain a better education.

My grandfather has inspired me to study hard to become a doctor. He is a doctor himself. He burned mid-night oils to be where he is right now. He overcame so many of his obstacles. As a kid, his biggest obstacle was not being able to live the life that other normal kids did. His parents left him at the age of ten. That's when he got his first job as a book keeper at his uncle's store. He stayed...