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All of my life I have adored the story of Peter Pan. I can relate so much of my personality to

Peter's whimsical desire to remain a child forever. I have met many adults throughout my lifetime that

have appeared unhappy and jaded; they lacked the spark that young kids carry. Peter's fantasy has always

been appealing to me, I suppose because of the associations I make with the life of a child; care free, no

responsibility, innocence, and just a general fresh and unique curiosity and appreciation for the things

most people take for granted every day.

One extremely huge influence that has kept me grounded since childhood is music. I can

remember being very young dancing to James Taylor and Eric Clapton with my parents in our

livingroom. Music is a refuge for me. The community associated with the music scene I am involved in

advocates love and respect for one another.

At a local youth club I attend frequently the singer of one

band halted the entire show to say, "You are choosing to be part of something positive instead of out

causing harm and getting into trouble. Thank you for supporting yourself, us, and each other." No matter

what place I am in or how awful I have felt, I have always had music to fall back on.

Another large puzzle piece to my personality as been art and writing. I have always been thankful

for having a talent that allows me to express myself visually. Coping with stress and anxiety was difficult

for me until a friend of mine suggested I get my feelings out through my art. Some of the best things I

have created were during difficult periods of my life. A finished piece of work brings me a sense of pride...