B2B electronic commerce industry

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In this essay I will explore the implications of business to business (B2B) electronic commerce industry and the challenges and opportunities they are facing now and in the near future.

The paper also focuses on the role internet has played in the last few years and the advancement of e-commerce particularly B2B E- Commerce. Furthermore, opportunities and challenges for companies who deal with this type of business has been analysed based on the strategic frameworks such as Porter's Five Forces and swot analysis to name two. A report on H.P has been detailed which describes the B2B e-service business launched by H.P which is Tradinghub.com. It is then followed by conclusion, reference and an appendix based on the "Rule of 6000" by H.P.

We have heard people use the phrase quite often in the last few years - "The next shop and vendor is just a mouse click away".

Is it true?? If it is true, then why and how has this happened?

Internet has been one of the main factors to revolutionize business. It has transformed the world into a single and a huge global market. Business to business electronic commerce or online commerce or e-biz is a type of service, which is being provided by two or more businesses through the internet, enabling customers to carry out transactions for goods and services online or conducted directly between the buyers and sellers (Laudon and Laudon (2000) ch10). The rate of increase in B2B E-commerce has been tremendous, as many companies are adapting to this type of business rapidly. It has become a necessity for the companies to use B2B E-commerce in order to remain competitive and be ahead of other companies in today's digital economy. Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce has been recognised as a means of increasing the...