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Society has pondered the differences between man and woman since the

beginning of time. I believe that Mr. Curnutt portrayed the essence of just that. The man

thrives on the power of ownership; "For him it's about power." (Curnutt 113) Where the

woman seeks the security, intimacy, and attention a relationship can provide. "The

attention. That's all it was, is." (109) Men and women are totally different creatures

when it comes to the affairs of the heart. Here we have a man that believes his first

marriage failed simply because he wasn't prepared enough and didn't follow the

appropriate steps. Marriage is a fragile bond between man and woman; a bond that can

be broken with or without preparation.

The male character enters into his first marriage carefree. He relents to his

fiancées demands to be pregnant before they are even we. This is done more out of

passivity than desire.

(102) His weak character and need to please put him in a situation

that neither he nor his ex-wife could handle. The product of his first marriage was a

daughter and an ex-wife. He believes this to be the product of not following the "two-

year plan". (104) Fifteen years later and probably fifteen self help books later he has

convinced himself that he is capable of having a successful marriage that follows the

standard of society.

She is twenty-five, in love and ready to be a wife and a mother, so she thinks.

Many females in their mid to late twenties start to feel obligated to find a husband. They

feel that they will never marry if they aren't married before they hit the big 3-0. The

initial high of being the center of attention with bridal showers, ceremonies, and

honeymoons creates this false sense of euphoria. Then,