Bad decisions sometimes are better than no decisions at all

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Do you prefer sometimes to take a bad decision than taking no decision at all? And will you have the ability to handle the results of that decision?

Yes, conferring is one of the most important things in our life and we must always take advice from older people and not decide upon our passion and thoughts and as they say "two brains are better than one".

But also you must have your own prints in your life even if they are wrong, this will give you experience in life. Also, it gives you the opportunity to express your ideas and thoughts, react with the surrounding circumstancing and control your own life even if it bad you will handle the results of your decision very well without blaming anyone except yourself, and you will have the responsibility for your actions.

One small example for that: I once knew a boy, who dreamed with being a great writer, he had all the skills needed for his dreams but only one thing stopped his dreams from coming true, that was his father who forced him to enter faculty of medicine to become a doctor just as he was, the boy did enter the college and graduated but the first time he was trying to save a patient, he caused him to die, and that was the end of his life.

He destroyed his career and life forever. That person hoped if he had taken any decision about his future even if it was wrong.

All what I want to say is that we must somehow take a decision even if it is wrong especially when it is concerned about our life and future.