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People are weird; this is boring, why is life so boring, why yes, of course, "stop your pessimistic attitude". No I will not. Every year I sit in the audience of these speech competitions and at least one speech about how I'm supposed to change my life, "be nice, be an optimist, look at things from the bright side". But for some reason I never hear anyone up there disputing for the other side, and I can't stand it. I realized that if I want this done I'm going to have to do it myself so I stand before you today to do this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow contestants, Mr. Raso. If you haven't guessed yet my speech is going to be on life from my point of view. Everywhere I turn I'm being judged on my personality "shut up", "your mean", and "how can you say that", are the only phrases I hear anymore.

I am a very sarcastic person, a lot of the time, if you spent a couple of days with me, you'd probably want to kill me. Not to mention years.

There are many people in that position right now, at least to my knowledge, but it doesn't really matter to me, I see nothing wrong with occasionally insulting people for their stupid mistakes, after all the only way people learn that what they have done is stupid or wrong, is from your mistakes.

I see both good and bad points to my normally sarcastic tone of voice. It is good when trying to teach someone that they have done or said something stupid or when trying to get people to laugh. But it is not good because for some reason there are a lot of "sour grapes" who don't like it.

In my opinion...