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In this world of never ending hurdles and challenges"“people choose to quit. Imagine everything we do is like a three mile marathon"¦. We can't simply finish it if we choose to quit. It is not hard to believe that everyday people quit, rather it's in their professional life or personal. Quitting is easy and it is as easy as saying "No!" Everyone is guilty of quitting. Our 37th President Nixon said, "A man is not finished when he's defeated. He's finished when he quits." He is correct and it is true, a winner never quits; a quitter never wins.

The meaning behind winning/ quitting is everyday life. It affects us all"“adults, adolescent, or kids alike. It is an internal struggle that everyone in their life time has to deal with. It is realistically true if a person quit doing what they are doing, they can never finish and in fact they won't.

A winner on the other hand, does something and chooses to finish it"“they come out a winner. The simple concept is easy to understand but difficult to perform. The challenge is to overcome that personal barriers and find the motivation to go on and not quit.

Let's not assume that we live in a society filled with quitter because we simply do. Everyone at least have a goal that they want to meet, but in truth not many do reach their goal(s). The reason behind that is simply because they chose to stop pursuing and admittedly choose to quit. We are all quitter but if we can only teach ourselves not to quit and be determined; we can overcome ourselves; telling ourselves that we are not a quitter.