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Internship/ Senior Proposal Assignment1Identify Agencies/ Programs you would like to InvestigateI decided to obtain my internship experience in the fields of Public relations and advertising in Czech Republic. In order to identify agencies, I have conducted an extensive research to help me find which agencies provide training for students at the moment and according to my research there are about 20 such agencies that are registered in APRA association. Also, I looked into organizations that are interested in new employees in marketing and PR. Based on my research, I chose to concentrate on three main agencies that are of most interest to me. These agencies are:Ogilvy&Mather- ‘Turning Consumers into Shopper and Shoppers into Buyers’The Company is one of the leading communications and marketing firms that operate on the global scale. It has offices in more than 60 cities around the world and they provide communication consulting and brand marketing.

Concentrating on bringing and establishing new branded products to the market, supporting the new brand and creating an appeal for it. I would like to obtain my internship in this company because I believe big organizations can offer vide spectrum of activities and experiences. Furthermore, this company is known for always recruiting, dynamic and enthusiastic young people who are up to the challenges. Hence, I believe that upon acquiring this internship, I would be able to learn new skills and it will be a unique experience for my future carrier.

Mmd- Corporate Public Affairs and Public Relations ConsultantMmd is one of the oldest Public Relations agencies in Prague, providing services for Czech Republic and eastern European companies. The company especially specializes in Political communication and crisis management, as well as, social responsibility and high value-added consultancy services. I would like to work in this company because this...