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September 23, 2006

Tom Barodin, Admissions Director

500 Lincoln Dr

Madison, WI, 53706

Dear, Mr. Barodin:

Over the course of my Junior and Senior year in high school, I have been greatly considering your school as my best option for my higher education. The majors that I have been most interested in are Genetics and Biomedical Engineering. The problem I have is that I eventually want to become a Genetic Engineer for my adult career, but I was unsure which of the two majors I have specified would be better suited to this purpose. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate your efforts if you would send me any pertinent information about these majors or their distinctions that would help me decide which is more apt to my needs.

I would also welcome any other general information regarding your accredited university and campus that would help me prepare for your college experience as well as an application.