Basics Of A Horror Film

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by Brad Khan Basics of a horror film Everyone has seen a cheesy horror film before. It is always the same old thing, right? Of course, there are different types of movies. Some are obviously labeled bad or good. But, everyone has his or her own opinion.

In my opinion, it is extremely difficult to find a good horror movie. Only a few were ever made. Remember, this is my opinion. Most of the "scary" horror films are more like comedy to me. It is always the same thing. It begins with a really hot blonde chick, alone in a house. After she takes a shower or something, someone calls, knocks on the door, breaks in, or does something to completely horrify her. After she is scared, it gets really funny. She will do something dumb like asking, "Who is it?" or she will open the door to look outside.

Sometimes she'll even go outside and leave the door open while the killer walks in, unnoticed. If that does not happen, the stupid hot blonde chick will stand by the window or something.

Okay, she finally sees the killer. What does she do next? To figure this question out, all you have to do is ask yourself, "What is the dumbest thing that she can possibly do?" Chances are, if she is destined to die, she will probably do something stupid. For example, she could do the obviously dumb thing and try to beat up the seven-foot killer with a seven foot chainsaw, with her bare hands. If she is in the house, the girl always runs upstairs, where she later traps herself in a hallway or room. She is later launched off of the roof, dead or alive. Or maybe she will hide, preferably under an object in...