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1. Introduction chapter

1.2 Motivation

For this report we choose to write about the Danish designer company Baum und Pferdgarten.

We have chosen this company because it is a new company within the fashion textile industry on the Danish - and international market. The company has great potential, especially because it is from the Scandinavian area, which has an increasing presence in the world of international fashion. The company headquarters is located in the middle of Copenhagen and its clothing is available in 22 countries worldwide. The characteristics of the designs are their ability to combine two things in one, such as feminine and masculine, or matte colors with shiny colors, there is always something unexpected about their designs..

We find it interesting to research how a small company as mentioned, can expand internationally. It is also interesting to see how they would manage to hit the German target group, and how difficult it would be from the Danish market.

1.3 Research question

How should Baum und Pferdgarten enter the German fashion textile market by 2015?

1.4 Sub-questions

To what extent is the company ready to go international?

Which target group should the company focus on before entering the German market?

Will this target group have the necessary buying power to turn this investment in to profit?

Which segments should the company choose?

How should the company position themselves among their customers?

What obstacles may occur for Baum und Pferdgarten when positioning their company in a new high rate textile competitive environment such as the German market?

How the consumer behavior in Berlin affect the internationalization process does, is it in favor of the company?

Which entry strategy is the most valid?

1.5 Interpretation

By "textile fashion market" - we mean consumers buying stylish clothes that is the latest...