The Bean Trees

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Many people go through life using friendship as a source of security and general well being. In Barbara Kingsolvers novel "The Bean Trees" She stresses friendship as a main point for the book. Each character finds dependability on someone else to help support themselves through crisis or hard times.

Throughout the book Lou Ann bases a huge dependability on Taylor. For example, Lou Ann hardly ever makes a decision without first consulting Taylor. This shows that she not only has a lack of respect for her personal ability to make good decisions for herself, but also that she respects Taylor's decisions immensely. It also shows that Lou Ann wants Taylor to be a part of her life. In addition Lou Ann often degrades and compares herself to Taylor. This shows that Lou Ann has a low self-esteem and tries to comfort herself by complimenting Taylor. This also shows that Lou Ann sees Taylor as a stronger and more heroic image.

Lou Ann sees Taylor as a hugely dependable and resilient figure that she depends on widely.

Taylor in return finds dependability in Lou Ann as someone to listen and help her get through many problems in her life. For example when Taylor returns home to find that Turtle has been attacked, Lou Ann is the first person to comfort and help Taylor to overcome the situation. This shows that Lou Ann is proven a dependable and stronger character than Taylor thought. It also shows that Taylor doesn't have any difficulty finding a supportive and helpful person in Lou Ann. In addition Taylor ends up completely degrading herself to Lou Ann, who admits her total admiration for Taylor. This shows that despite the obvious strength that Taylor displays prior to this event she still depends greatly on Lou Ann.