The Beauty Of Men's Now And In The Past

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The Beauty of men's now and in the Past Every one starts to use beauty stuff such as cosmetic, make up and maquillage to hid the aging marks. In some culture it is not that necessary to change of the men appearance; but on the other hand, some of them they find it important to take care of how men look like. Although both McLaughlin and Barry explain the men appearance, they are different in their idea toward the men appearance.

First, Dave Barry, in the article " The Ugly about Beauty," states that men do not interest in how men look like. The way that Dave thinks about the men is that they like them selves even if they are ugly. He said "Most men I believe, think of themselves as average-looking." Also, he believes that the only beauty that men should do is to shave themselves rather than trying to be somebody else.

However, According to Patricia McLaughlin, in her article " Venus Envy," explains the men's are interested about beauty. Now a day men's trying to change how they look like to be in better shape. Also, as she says that " Men are having plastic surgery to get rid of their love handles and tighten their eye bags and beef up their chins and flatten their bellies and more"¦" Right now, men's not like before they care about themselves more than any body else. They feel that if they are thinner and workout they will be attractive to the others. This kind of surgery helps the men to feel good about them selves.

McLaughlin thinks in a modern point of view about how men should do about how they look like; but on the other hand, Barry's does not agree. He thinks that the...