How to become a successful Manager

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Before being laid off last September, because of lack of work, like most companies, I was a Collections Manager; however, I was able to obtain letters of recommendations from the vice-president and Chief Executive Officer. There are a lot of things that you have to learn on your own. Companies do not train the way they used to in my book; fortunately, my director was a friend of mine who asked me to take the job because he was being promoted. Unfortunately, he did not have time to train me. We had a very busy office and I was in charge of 6 supervisors, 4 clerical personnel, and 96 collectors. I also had a great many friends there from a previous job. Most managers are fired within their first year because they do not look forward to what is coming ahead, they just look at the title and workload, there is a great deal more that goes into this.

I asked my friend to send me the collectors manual, number stats, legal procedures and give me a briefing on what I was going to be dealing with two weeks before my start date so that I would know something about the company, their expectations and what I was up against. I considered myself prepared, most managers won't be. As a new manager, there is the responsibility of development and success of your assigned subordinates. This is a very challenging job that results in impressive satisfaction when top performance is achieved. In order to achieve this task, the managers' mission is to provide staff with a role model for professionalism, teamwork, compliance, motivation, and attendance. To succeed and be effective, managers must understand their role possess the skill needed to confront daily challenges head-on, and above all, know how...