The Leadership Qualities Necessary for a Successful Manager.

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Leadership qualities necessary for a successful Manager


Managers usually have goals and objectives to achieve. And to do this, they would normally be required to utilise, appropriately, the resources available to them. People constitute a very important part of such resources that are available to the manager. According to Drucker (1968), a manager is someone who works with, and through people towards the achievement of set objectives. This implies that to achieve objectives and be a successful manager would entail the exercise of influence over the actions of the people the manager works with.

One of the ways that a manager could influence the actions of the people he works with is by simply wielding formal, delegated authority through power that is conferred from above. However, because the authority exists, it does not necessarily mean that group members will be willing to agree to its use. Although they might comply with instructions, that alone will not be sufficient to carry them along for the successful achievement of goals.

The manager would require more than the wielding of such formal authority to be a successful manager. He will, in addition, have to possess and demonstrate leadership qualities. In other words, he will have to be, not just a manager, but also a leader.

What is a leader?

A leader is someone who exercises influence over other people towards the achievement of certain aims and objectives. Rollinson et al defines it as -

"a role conferred on a person by followers. This involves conforming to a set of behavioural norms and expectations emanating from followers, in return for which they confer on the leader a degree of power that (within prescribed limits) allows the leader to influence their actions" (Rollinson et al 1998, p.336).

The above definitions imply that wherever groups...