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The moral dilemma in Beloved, summarized as whether or not Sethe had the right to kill Beloved, has debatable answers but the most clear cut answer to the moral dilemma is that Sethe did not have the right to play God in taking another's life and she did not do the right thing. No human on the Earth has the right to play God in taking the life of another. Dying is up to God's choice of fate towards an individual, not the right of an individual to take upon themselves. In committing suicide, one has the right to do for they are making their own decisions and the obvious impact that it will have on their life. Committing homicide, on the other hand, no one has the right to do. One cannot decide whether another beings life should end or not and one does not have the right to end another's life.

Our legal system makes sure to take care of that, although it could be revamped to work better. Sethe had no right to play God and take the fate of her children's life into her own hands by slaying Beloved. If her children wanted to commit suicide later in their life due to their horrid lifestyle, that is his/her own choice, but it is definitely not up to Sethe's discretion.

Although Sethe had no right to kill Beloved, morally, she did the right thing. Growing up as a negro and as a slave was clearly not an easy thing to cope with. It degrades all qualities that make a being human as well as takes away all freedom that exists in the world. While Beloved may be better off dead so that she did not have to suffer the tortures of slavery, she...