The Bet

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this is th e story of two men. a banker and a lawyer. the make a bet over capital punishment. it is a twisted tale that ends with a surprise.

the story begins with an upper class party contain with whit collar business men. in that crowd is a banker and a lawyer. the banker thinks capital punishment is cruel. the layer thinks otherwise. the banker tells the lawyer he will pay him two million dollars if he could stay locked up for fifteen years. the terms of the bet are that he can have anything he wants but no contact with the outside. the lawyer agrees with great pride.

the first years he spent his time getting drunk and fooling around. the next few he read many short stories. by this time he has driven himself quite mad. falling in and out of depressions. but soon learned todeal with it.

he also learned to read and write three different languages. also studied philosophy in depth in the years to come.

it was getting close to the end of his term but the banker had lost his fortune and wasn't going to be able to pay the man. but on the last night the prisoner did something unusual.he wrote his captor a letter stating that he was right and he did not care about the money and did not care to see him anymore. he left the letter and left just minutes before the sentence was up