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In early times as far back as the Ice Ag, hunting was used strictly for survival. Today hunting has become a recreational sport, and now wildlife is being stalked and killed for human needs.

Hunting is a socially recreational violence practiced by almost seven percent of the United States population. Hunting is not necessary for human survival (Animal Rights Coalition1). On federal land more than two hundred million animals are killed every year. With the fact hunters defend themselves by claiming that they pay for the conservation of animals by buying hunting licenses. Each hunter pays a very small amount that does not cover the cost of any hunting programs, or game warden salaries. Hunters believe that wild animals are just moving objects that are waiting to die, so why not just shoot them (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Hunters claim by hunting that they are improving the ecology (Animal Rights Coalition).

The ecosystem and food chain is a complex web that if left alone it will provide more survival for more species. Natural predators only kill the sickest and the weakest animals to survive. The lack of food, weather, disease and predators are just nature's way of regulating animal populations. However, hunters kill any animal that they come across or any animal that would look the nicest mounted in their homes. Many hunters kill large animals that are healthy that are needed to keep the population strong (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Many animals will die a prolonged, agonizing death. Because of hunting, millions of animals are left wounded and mutilated by this constant killing called hunting (Animal Rights Coalition).

Hunters make it unsafe not just for wildlife but domesticated animals and humans also (Animal Rights Coalition). Camping, hiking, and domesticated animals are in danger because of the untrained, unsupervised killers roaming around. Because of their carelessness horses, cows, dogs, cats, hikers and campers are wounded or killed each year by hunters. In 1998, one hundred and seventy seven people were killed and 1,719 victims were injured while camping, hiking or on their own property (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Hunting is not needed for human survival; hunters are not improving or helping the ecosystem, and is unsafe for everyone but the hunter.