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Birth Control and Parents Birth control devices for teens should not be given without parental consent because of the promotion of sexual activity and the communication with parents.

The promotion of sexual activity in teens that receive birth control without parental consent can result in the dishonesty, immaturity, and lack of knowledge in the teen. Not allowing parents to know that there is sexual activity going on with the teen and the needing of birth control is being completely dishonest. Dishonesty means being deceitful, fraudulent, and improbity. Being dishonest with a parent about the use of birth control devices gives the teens the notion to believe that having sex and then asking for birth control is all good, but it is dead wrong. There are many different effects of birth control, so the parents will be the first one's to be notified if something were to go wrong with the teen because of the use of birth control.

Teens are too immature to take on the responsibility for becoming sexually active and using birth control, which is boosted on by peers. Teens often turn to parents on their last draw. There is a belief that privacy of the teen's business should be allowed, but on a maturity level of having sex and knowing exactly what to do and how to react, teens suck at it. Immature teens tend to be irresponsible about the control of sex and therefore, there should be permission given from the parents in order to have the teens receive birth control devices. Lack of knowledge in teens as far as the promotion of sexual activity causes teens to make ignorant decisions in their lives. Teens are not knowledgeable or capable of handling life changing situations such as having sex and using birth control. Being that parents...