"black Like Me"

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"Black Like Me" Number of pages: 192 Author: John Howard Griffen This book is about a man name John Griffen, a white journalist who worked for a black owned magazine company called "Sephia". He wanted to do a special assignment that requires him to change his skin color, and go under medical treatments. The reason why he wants to do this is because he feels that he wants to know how it feels to be a Negro. To find out, he traveled to the deep south of Louisiana. People were giving him hate stares, whispering amongst themselves calling him racist remarks. There were a few people that were really nice and helpful to him, and there were others that wouldn't even look in his direction. He hitchhiked for six weeks going to different places looking for work. Some of them hired him but he didn't stay long on the job while others didn't hire him at all because the first thing they noticed was his skin color.

After all of this, he realizes that African-Americans have a hard time in the 1950's. He published his article and it became a huge success.