Black like me

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Black Like Me This story was an excellent idea by John Griffin to expose the true racism in the South. I wonder what motivated him to change his color also. I also want to know his views on racism. I wonder if George Levitan is still alive, the man who was the editor of Sepia. I also wonder if he had the first black magazine in the world. How did Griffin meet Levitan? Why does Levitan sound so depressing, I mean why does he says he'll help him, but he'll probably get killed. Why is Griffin so open-minded compared to other Whites of his time, and how did he become this way? I also wonder why Griffin was so brave. If Griffin went through with this project he could be killed, starve, get sick, etc. I say this because Griffin was going down into the deep South as a black man but he didn't know anything about how the black behaved.

Griffin could look like a black man but he may not have been able to act like a black man or have the mindset of a black man at that time. Griffin could get food or shelter as a white man anywhere by paying money, but as a black man he could be cold, starving in a rich area of town, and wouldn't be able to get food or shelter. Griffin also didn't know how to respond to white people of the time, so he would probably have to talk to black people to learn that. I also after his story was published there would probably be retaliation from hate groups. I also want to know why Griffin met with the Federal Bureau of Investigation men. By meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation the most they could do...