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Employee Courtesy Services

Date Received:

Courtesy Guidelines and Conditions

General Guidelines

All permanent Time Warner Cable EMPLOYEES who reside in a Time Warner Cable service area shall be eligible to receive Courtesy Services.

Courtesy services will commence upon successful completion of the application and actual installation/conversion of courtesy services and will NOT be retroactively calculated to the employee's hire date.

Any prior past due accounts MUST BE PAID before the employee is eligible for a courtesy account.

Employees who already have Time Warner Cable service at the time of request for Courtesy Service MUST HAVE THEIR ACCOUNTS IN CURRENT STATUS PRIOR TO BEING CONVERTED TO COURTESY SERVICE.

Only authorized Time Warner cable personnel must complete the installation of these services.

Courtesy Services and equipment shall be used in the EMPLOYEE's full time residence only and may not be given or assigned to any other person or persons.

Courtesy Services

Courtesy Cable Service shall include full service on up as many TV's as you want.

However, the equipment will be charged at a discounted rate each month. DVR's of any kind are $8/month, DVR service will be free, and Non DVR converters are $6.25/month. Whole House DVR is $8/month, Client Boxes are $6.25/month. One (1) HSD outlet with Turbo will be included. Wireless Internet can be added for no additional charge, at request of the employee.

Digital Phone Service is available for employees at a discounted rate of $19.95/month.

Additional outlets may be permitted provided the EMPLOYEE agrees to pay any installation fees that may be required. Custom installation work will be charged at prevailing rates.

Rates for additional services may be subject to change due to annual rate increase.

Other optional services will be available at monthly discounted rates of 20% off retail rates, unless otherwise specified.

If you...