Bonder by Father's Choice: The assignment was to create a complete marketing plan for a fictional product.

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Executive Summary

Father's Choice (Pty) Ltd entered into a joint venture with venture capital firm J. Evans & Associates to present their first and flagship product Bonder©

This product provides an alternative for breast-feeding mothers and bottle-feeding fathers. The core concept of the product is aimed at developing the bond between father and child by taking part in the feeding cycle in an intimate and meaningful manner. The product is not intended to phase out the role of mothers in the breast-feeding process but seeks to provide them with an alternative.

The primary target market is:

· Male

· Married or in a de facto relationship

· Having a baby or have recently had a baby

· 25 - 40 years old

· Based in suburban VIC, NSW and QLD

· Average to above average income

The target audience also consists of the target market's partners, friends and families who would purchase the product for the target market.

This marketing plan provides a 1 year marketing based strategy for launching and promoting of Bonder© to the Australian market.

This marketing plan outlines the challenges involved in bringing Bonder © into the consumer market. Strategies to meet corporate and marketing objectives were formulated by undertaking a rigorous situation analysis of the product.

Table of Contents



2.1 Product Analysis 6

2.2 Competitor Analysis 6

2.3 Market Segment Analysis 7

2.4 Company Analysis 8


3.1 Financial 9

3.2 Branding 9

3.3 Sales 10

3.4 Distribution 10


4.1 Market Segmentation and Targeting 11

4.1.1 Demographic 11

4.1.2 Geographic 11

4.1.3 Psychographic 12

4.1.4 Behavioural 12

4.1.5 Target Segment 12

4.2 Positioning 13

4.3 Product 13

4.4 Pricing 14

4.5 Promotion 14

4.6 Distribution 15

4.6.1 Retailers 15

4.6.2 Online...