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"A Passage to India", a fictitious story, is the final published work of author E.M. Forster before his death. This book, explores the genius and the inadequacies of English society in a playful, yet subtle way. The author was born in London, England in 1897 to a middle class family. His education was completed at Cambridge University, from where he began to pursue a career in journalism. His writings led him from Italy to Greece, India and then to Egypt to work with the Red Cross during World War I.

The story in "A Passage to India" is a narration of two women's journey from England to India and a gentleman who sought their approval. Dr. Aziz is an educator at a local university and is completely taken by English society. In his own right he does have some reservations about the English being an occupying force in his country, but for the majority seems to hold them at a higher standard than he does the common Indian.

Throughout the story Dr. Aziz attempts to impress and marvel the guests from England.

The story is based upon only a few main characters. As the story begins, we are introduced to the two women visitors; Mrs. Moore and Adela. Adela who is Mrs. Moore's daughter is viewed by many as the antagonist of the story. We are then introduced to Mr. Fielding, the Dean of the local university and later, friend to Dr. Aziz. Then finally meet Dr. Aziz who is a professor at the local university and the center of the story. Right from the beginning, the story stresses Adela's desire to discover "the real India." As the story goes on to explain, it wasn't customary for English and Indian societies to mix; thus, leaving the...