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The book I have read is called "Love in Another Town" and the author is Barbara Taylor Bradford. The main theme of this book is about a broken marriage. The main characters, Jake and Maggie, are both separated from their partners. They become lovers. Unfortunately, their ex-husband and ex-wife get problem and need their help. They are facing a huge test, testing whether they are deeply loved with each other or not.

Kent Connedicut is picturesque beckons to both Jake and Maggie. They are involved in a dramatics group and are introduced by Samantha who is also from a broken marriage. Jake and Maggie finally fall in love and have a happy time among them. When they are enjoying their happy period, Jake's ex-wife told him that she got a cancer and Jake do not want to give pressure to her, so he delays the divorce.

A significant scene in the book occurs when Jake's ex-wife, Amy, told him that she has cancer. Because at that time, Jake and Maggie were having a happy time and Maggie is pregnant. Everything is going smoothly between them. Also, Jake wants to divorce Amy at that time. Unluckily, Amy got cancer and Jake is a nice guy. He did not want to give pressure to her. He thinks she should concentrate on her treatment against cancer first. A divorce is not necessary during this time.

After reading this book, I found that the story is very touching. Firstly, when Jake knows Amy got cancer, he did not get away from her and continues to support her. As patient, she needs to face a lot of pressure, especially for those who got cancer. Because they do not know when they will die. It is very touching that Jake still...