The Botswana government as a helping nation is truly and working hard upon to combat HIV/AIDSepidemic

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The Botswana government as a helping nation is truly and working hard upon to combat HIV/AIDSepidemic. Botswana government is making some efforts trying to fight against this deadly disease, HIV/ AIDS. Some of the efforts are the introduction of the following: Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV (P.M.T.C.T), Antiretroviral Therapy(A.R.V.T), Home based and orphan care, Tebelopele Voluntary Counselling and Testing and Total Community Mobilisation(T.C.M).

The government of Botswana has introduced routine testing in hospitals for every citizen to test for his/ her HIV status. This focucing mainly on pregnant women especially those who are HIV positive. This program is mainly concerned with saving the lives of unborn babies.

… the government of Botswana has decided that HIV testing become routine in all government health facilities… an important part of P.M.T.C.T since all pregnant women will be expected to test and thereafter enroll with P.M.T.C.T programme if positive.

(Creek, T.

and Smith, M 2003; 3)

Pregnant women will be given antiretroviral therapy to actually prevent the disease to pass to the unborn baby.

Many people think by knowing their status, they will be expossed to death. The government therefore saw it important to give all its HIV positive citizens antiretroviral medication. This will prolong the life expectancy of an infected person; maintain adequate immune function and delay disease progression. Everyone who is tested HIV positive can take the therapy.

This is the main type of HIV/ AIDS medication. It is not a cure, but it can stop most people with HIV/ AIDS from becoming ill for many years… you must understand that each time you forget to take your pills, you will help HIV to become stronger.

(Mphele, T.S, Naidoo, P. and Hillard, F 2003; 22)

Antiretroviral medication is given to HIV positive citizens in order for them to...