Bright Christmas

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Bright Christmas This story tells of an angel's memory of the first Christmas. The angel never really knew what time it was or what month but she remembered one night that gave great truth to the earth once and for all. Some people think that Christmas came one holy night but she knew better great and wonderful things came before that like when the angels sang to Moses and gave him the Ten Commandments. But still earth felt dark still until that night a light was lit like no other. Finally the angel knew why they had sent all those messages it was for that night. That same night the angels were watching over Joseph and Mary when the innkeeper sent them away but the angels knew they would be safe in the stable. The angels watch as the shepherds were looking up at the light for nothing could stop it and no one could have stopped us from singing about it.

And sing we did "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace. And nothing could have stopped the shepherds from walking through the night to see the child and we lit the path for them. And Mary I will never forget her face when she heard us singing she knew he would bring the great truth in her heart. And now I sang even sweeter and our song was like the smile of God and light shined in darkness and there was no night there. Once I sing I never stop its like a star burns forever and Christmas is still the brightest and the happiest song I ever sang. And the star is still shining and I'm still singing and earth is still singing back.