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Building Employee Enthusiasm

In the article, "Building Employee Enthusiasm", the author, Peter Staack, demonstrates the importance for organizations to increase their awareness of safety through the use of incentive promotional products. There is no substitute for a safety program that will save needed revenue normally utilized for workers compensation. Lowered worker's compensation claims are one of the most significant benefits that safety awareness brings to a company by promoting higher levels of employee involvement in a safety program (Building Employee Enthusiasm, July 28, 2002).

The article suggests that organizations use many forms of incentive products in an effort to achieve increased safety goals and standards. These programs are shown to be effective in top pharmaceutical manufacturers, auto plants, retail stores, corporations, and companies of all sizes. The incentive programs identify and give rewards to those employees who are committed to the practice of safety. Some examples include shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and employee products, among many others.

Organizations will be the benefactor of increased employee attitude, morale, unity, teamwork, productivity, and an improved work environment. However, the incentive programs will not only benefit the employees, but the quality improvement will show-up in other areas as well. Educating and promoting proper use of equipment can extend the life of your investments, lessen the chance of downtime due to breakdowns, reduce the need for repairs, and also reduce the chances of injuries (Building Employee Enthusiasm, July 28, 2002). Not only will equipment benefit from safety improvements, the article addresses decreases in recruiting costs, insurance and legal expenditures, intrusions from government and insurance inspectors and a reduction in the load of bureaucratic paperwork. The best answer to a company's safety problem might not be associated with a person, team, department, or agency but might best be demonstrated through a safety incentive program through...